Customer Service

Our customer service is not a department. It 'a philosophy that includes every person and aspect in the best and brighest companies.

A good Customer Service is the lifeblood of any business.

Our Customer service is not a department. It is a philosophy that includes every person and aspect of the best and brightest companies.
An extensive support is assured through all stages of the business relationship, from technical advice on products, order taking, tracking and delivery to after-sales service (warranty management and returns,restocking etc.)
· Each brand in portfolio is managed by a dedicated staff
· Our full internal organization follow the Customer Satisfaction taking in load the problem from its origin up to its complete solution. This activity is managed by an internal department what it provides technical assistance and spare parts both from our premises and directly on field. Our technical department has proved experience gained supporting the most prestigious riders and teams.
· The extensive use of information system allows us to provide fast assistance and minimize waiting time both for Customers and End-Users.
· Our personnel is also able to support manufacturers in translating product instructions and manuals and provide technical workshops to retailers.

All our internal organization pursues customer satisfaction by taking care of the problem at its origin until the complete solution.