Logistic Management

LARM has a structure that allows you to work with the full availability of references.

  • Over 3,500 sqmts dedicated to the warehouse, a structure that allows to work with the full availability of the references; customers may therefore avoid the burden of managing a large inventory always counting on real time restocking (generally in 24-48 hours)
  • A logistics system operates successfully only if well-trained and efficient staff members place orders, move boxes, and provide clients with goods. Health programs must be organized to provide the appropriate resources to ensure that all logistics activities are carried out properly. Organization and staffing are therefore important parts of the cycle. Logistics staff must make the six rights a top priority if a logistics system is to work properly.

Ours six “rights” are: ensuring that the right goods, in the right quantities, in the right condition, are delivered to the right place, at the right time, for the right cost.

  • After an item is procured and received, it must be stored until the customer needs it. Almost all organizations store a quantity of stock for future needs. Determining how much stock should be stored is an important decision. Resource-poor countries face a particular challenge in providing appropriate storage and ensuring limited waste and losses during storage and distribution.
  • Complete mapping of the warehouse locations on the company’s ERP for immediate inventory monitoring and stock shortage management

After the product selection, our manager of the logistics cycle determine and procure the quantity required of each product. The forecasting process focuses on estimating the quantities of the specific commodities that will be needed for a specified time period.

  • Barcodes management on all the articles in the warehouse; if the manufacturer’s barcode can not be used or is not compatible, LARM is able to place the labels with its own staff
  • Five direct resources fully dedicated to the internal handling of articles
  • More than 13.000 codes are managed as shoes, clothing, bikes, components, and more than 16.800 orders are processed every year needs a quality Monitoring: The logistics cycle depicted above shows that quality monitoring occurs between each activity of the logistics cycle. Referring not only to the quality of the product but also to the quality of the logistics cycle. We follow up quality monitoring even after products are distributed to customers. Feedback should be collected on how customers feel about the quality of products they receive and whether they are satisfied with the service they receive. Quality monitoring of both product and service is critical to the success of efforts to promote the use of products.
  • The Logistics cycle is supported by a special agreement with a national forwarded so we can guarantee a fast delivery Time:

-       12h to main destinations

-       24h rest of the territory (not including islands)

-       48h islands (Sicilia and Sardegna)

LARM has always invested considerable resources for the computerization and the continuous improvement of its logistics system.